Manufacturing Industry is one of the biggest industries in terms of data collection and storage. It is an industry with many departments like HR, Material, Capital investment, logistics and customers. Huge amount of data is collected at each stage. However, extracting the right answers to the right questions from the data has always been a challenge. The KPIs are scatters throughout multiple systems.

Correctly linking the source systems and applying the right transformations is the key to getting correct answer to the KPIs we want to see

With our big data and analytics solution that are specifically designed for manufacturing industry, we can help you find the right KPIs that are needed for critical decisions. We can help you gain a single view across people, location and operations. Our solution has helped our customers in detecting early problems and taking proactive measures. Our manufacturing solution can help in:

  • Data integration from multiple source systems
  • ETL and Data modeling
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Material utilization
  • Fault detection
  • Shop floor digitalization and optimization
  • Spend analytics
  • Procurement solution
  • Contract management
  • Improving production
  • 360 view of operational process
  • Custom reports that fits into customer’s own needs