Banking and Financial firms are required to manage the fast evolution of the business models to meet the needs of customers. They need to ensure regulatory compliance and manage risks, security and customer’s privacy at every stage. Due to huge volume of data that is generated by banks and other financial services sector, it carries a lot of risk. The data is generated by transactions, global trading and many such sensitive sources, we need to ensure that the data is properly stored and secured

Aricrypta provides the banking and financial industry with many solutions designed to meet different aspects of data. By implementing our solutions, our financial services customers can reduce the chances of financial losses and operational risks.

Our financial analytics consultants have decade of experience working on banking and financial data. Using advanced analytics solution, we can help our customers in analyzing how to reduce costs, increase revenue, predict and reduce risks and meet the regulatory compliance

Some of our solutions can help in the following areas

  • Money laundering and fraud detection
  • Risk analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Investment modeling and analytics
  • Banking Solutions
    • Credit card analytics
    • Mortgage analytics
    • Other loans analytics