Our consultants are regularly being trained with a verity of skills. Our teams are experts in different tools being used in BI and Data Warehousing


Business Intelligence and Analytics:


Our BI and analytics consultants have expertise in a wide array of industry popular BI tools and best practices. Our consultants are certified and have led many big BI projects applying proven processes, tools and best practices to meet the customer's demands and expectations

Some of the popular BI areas where we have expertise are below. If you cannot find your required BI and analytics expertise from the below list, please drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Qlikview Tableau Bime Cognos Microstrategy
Birt Jaspersoft BI PowerBI OBIEE

The list is not limited to these tools but we have listed the major tools being used in BI these days



Data Warehousing and Big data:


Our consultants have experience of implementing end to end data warehousing projects. We have Teradata, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Hadoop and AWS certified data warehousing consultants. Our consultants have led many DWH projects for large banks, insrance companies, manufacturing and telecoms.

We have also experts in cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon. Some of the biggest platforms where we have expertise are given below


Teradata Oracle Sql server Amazon Redshift Mysql Hadoop



ETL and Integration:


Informatica AB Initio Pentaho Kettle Data Stage SSIS